Wanderlust and a love of nature have taken me to many wondrous places on 7 continents. I have captured glorious moments with cameras and film for 15 years and mostly digital Nikons the last 10 years.

The creation of a single photo is often the result of hours, days, or even weeks in the same place waiting for the right light or an intimate moment with wildlife. Even if you have been to this exotic location, my photo will hopefully transport you to a place that is unfamiliar. I have returned many times to the same places, yet the scene is always different. Nature is in perpetual change. This change has been accelerated by habitat loss and climate change. The result has been species loss and diminished biodiversity.

I waited 4 days for the fog to lift to capture one Wildflowers and Icebergs photo. Being in the same place at sunrise for 7 days means that one of those mornings will be magical. Every year the fall colors are different, but I have only seen brilliant orange aspens once. I have seen red maples coincide with golden aspens a few times. In one out of 20 years red maples peak with golden aspens, and a late September snow will drape the leaves for a few hours before they fade or fall. Timing, patience, luck, spontaneity, and the ability to drop everything are required. Peak wildflowers or fall foliage rarely last greater than one week. Three trips to Mexico and several weeks spent with wintering Monarch Butterflies have resulted in several photos that I would enjoy hanging on my wall.

While the digital realm has forced many to question what is real, I am exploring new relationships between shadow, light, and color that has allowed me to maintain the integrity of my subjects. Maintaining texture and detail in shadows and highlight was often impossible with film and snow often looked blue in the shadows. In the same way that a masterful black and white printer would spend an hour in the darkroom for a single print, every digital photo needs to be developed to capture what I saw. Archival prints are created from digital files under my supervision.

My valued clients are making once in a lifetime purchase, and I will gladly share the circumstances surrounding the photo’s creation. I will soon combine the story with each framed fine art photo purchased. I will be honored if you take a second look at my photos. I hope they will inspire you to take small steps to save what is rapidly disappearing from the natural world

........Howie Garber