Utah's Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge Signed

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all authors signatures.jpg

Utah's Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge Signed


This book received a 2014 Ben Franklin Award. It is signed by all 23 authors and is protected in a hand- made slip case

Multiple Authors: Howie Garber, Ralph Becker, Jim Matheson, Stephen Trimble, Andrew McLean, Sarah Bennett, Alexis Kelner, Gale Dick…

Photographer & Project Coordinator: Howie Garber

ISBN: 978-1-931807-86-9

Price: $34.95

224 Pages Softcover

9"x12" - landscape format

159 photographs - 148 full color & 11 black and white

Publication date:  November 1, 2012

Book website: www.utahswasatchrangehowiegarberphotography.com

Facebook: search for Utah’s Wasatch Range


Publisher: Peter E. Randall Publisher


Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge is a book of color and black & white photography with essays with 18 authors including Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, Congressman Jim Matheson, Stephen Trimble, and Andrew McLean. They have collaborated with photographer Howie Garber who has photographed the Wasatch for 25 years and received national and international awards for his images. The spirit of this collaboration is to protect the remaining natural areas of the Wasatch Mountains.


Howie has photographed the Wasatch for 25 years and his images celebrate the diversity and splendor of a unique place. “Never has one small mountain range done so much for so many.”

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