Printing facts and ordering options


From my photo archive of tens of thousands of images created since 1990, I’ve carefully selected about 60 images that are worthy of limited edition status. My opinion is that these images capture a moment of rare and fleeting beauty. Each Limited Edition Photograph is hand printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Gloss Paper. This “wet process” paper is known to have the best light reflecting quality, and will resist fading the longest.  Fuji claims the rich colors in your photograph will show no signs of color shift or fading for at least 60 years under normal lighting conditions. 

The photograph is then signed and issued a Limited Edition number and Letter of Authenticity personally by Howie.  Only 50 signed & numbered prints, and 5 Artist Proof prints will be made of a Limited Edition image.  These limited editions may be mounted with acrylic or on a metal surface or conventionally framed using the highest quality museum glass and archival matting materials.

As images sell, and the number of photographs available in the edition is fewer and fewer, the price will increase. Availability and current price for each Limited Edition photograph is updated as prints are sold. Upon receipt your order, we will confi­rm the price for your approval before the purchase is complete. These photographs achieve the highest quality by test printing to insure optimal color management and sharpness. These images have been printed from digital files under my supervision. 

Over 95% of my photographs are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Fuji claims the rich colors in your photograph will show no signs of color shift or fading for at least 60 years under normal lighting conditions.

Why Open Edition?

Most of my images are available as OPEN EDITION. These prints are not numbered, but they are signed by Howie.

I do open editions prints rather than limited editions for several reasons. I want my fine art photography to be more affordable. This has been a difficult philosophical decision. Some of the great pioneers of photography, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Alfred Steiglitz, and Henri Cartier Bresson did not limit their editions. My abilities and interpretation of the creative process are not set in stone. My art is a fluid and changing process and I enjoy exploration of new methods. Film has a limited ability to handle dynamic range (contrast between dark and light) Scanning some images originally shot on film allows more ability to convey what I saw in terms of detail in shadow and highlight areas. Most of my Fine Art photographs will never be changed. However I reserve the right to make improvements to an OPEN Edition image if possible. This is particularly important in the age of digital as printing methods, software, and materials are constantly changing.

We have recently started printing Open and Limited edition images on aluminum. This is a stunning product that stands off the wall. It is scratch resistant and has incredible visual depth and luminosity. The aluminum mount isready to hang and the print floats one inch off the wall.

I will honor special requests to have any image from my archive printed as fine art.

Some richly textured photographs lend themselves to the archival Canvas Photo-Giclée process with a gallery wrap. The canvas photograph is stretched over a hidden wooden frame and projects one and half inches off the wall. The photo is visible from every side without glare or reflection and has a 3-D look.  Canvas prints have a protective coating and they don’t require glass or a frame. This simplifies the lighting challenges that can be troublesome with glass.

Retail Prices for Standard sizes below apply only to Fuji Crystal archive paper, archival acid free mattes ,  traditional wood frames and low reflection glass. There are at least two different sizes for all fine art.

Open Edition Pricing:

Print Size                  Print only              Matted           Matted & Framed

12x18                         $135                      $155           $245

16x20                        $205                     $230             $365

16x24                        $225                     $255              $395                                 

20x24                       $275                     $310           $495

20x30                       $330                $365           $575

24x30                       $400                    $440               $645

24x36                       $495                    $540           $785

30x40                       $725                    $795               $990


Metal Pricing (not limited edition):

Print Size                  Price              

12x18                         $295                  

16x20                        $365              

16x24                        $415                                

20x24                       $499                   

20x30                       $575                   

24x30                       $655                    

24x36                       $725                    

30x40                       $815                  


Limited Edition Pricing:

Print Size                  Print only              Matted           Matted & Framed

12x18                         $195                      $210               $375

16x20                        $315                      $350              $525

16x24                        $385                     $430              $615                             

20x24                       $475                     $520              $725

20x30                       $595                    $645               $925

24x30                       $695                    $755               $995

24x36                       $855                    $935               $1295

30x40                       $1195                    $1285             $1695

To purchase archival fine art print we need to know size, single or double matt or framed. We accept local checks, money orders, and credit cards via paypal money request. Contact us by phone or email for any orders.

We maintain some inventory in matted and framed pieces. This generally adds 4 to 7 inches to both dimensions. I maintain no inventory in unmatted photographs which are more difficult to store properly and need to be ordered. For international clients, it is less expensive to ship unmatted photographs.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery of prints For packing and shipping within the U.S. please add 15% to the above prices. Shipping on International orders will be quoted individually. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

To Order Prints Call Howie @ 801-450-3770 You may also email orders to

Museum quality  glass can be substituted on any order for an additional charge. By using specially formulated UV inks, the archival properties of photo-giclées can assure image permanence for as long as archival photographic papers. Any photograph can be printed on artist-grade canvas. I am still experimenting with ways to make canvas more durable and not lose the feel of a photograph. Canvas gallery wraps are different sizes from the standard sizes of Fuji Crystal archive prints.

We prefer to ship photos without frames or glass and have shipped worldwide. For local customers, we work with a superb framer in Salt Lake City. Solstice Picture Framing (801-671-4654) is the best framer we have worked with. Brothers Brad and Travis have a knack for tasteful and artistic work. Their price and quality can't be matched. We have a wide variety of artistic custom frames.