Big Horn Ram on Cliff, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah
Bull Moose Wading in Lake Under Dromedary Peak, Wasatch Mountain
Cow Moose resting in bed of white Flowers, Albion Basin, Alta, U
Bull Elk and Cows in  Thermal Area in Winter, Yellowstone Nation
Sunlit Guanaco under the Cuernos:  Torres Del Paine National Par
"Snow Leopard Gaze" An intimate portrait of an endangered specie
Amur(Siberian) Tiger and Cub Portrait, an intimate portrait of a
"Floating Monarchs" El Rosario Butterfly Reserve, Michoacan, Mex
"Orange Divergence": Monarch Butterflies on bark, El Rosario But
"Motherly Love", Mountain Goat Nanny and Kid, Mount Timpanogos W
 Mother and young Bison grazing at National Bison Range,near Missoula and Moise, Montana maintained by U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, , National Wildlife Refuge, Native Palouse Prairie Grassland, Dalmation Toadflax is invasive weed
Young Mountain Goat portrait above Hidden Lake, Glacier National
Red and Green Macaws in flight at Clay Lick, Manu National Park,
Big Horn Rams and peak wildflowers on Mount Timpanogos, Utah
Mountain Goat feeding amongst yellow flowers near Hidden Lake Tr
"Morning Stroll" Bull Elk grazing near Madison River. Yellowston
Coyote Hunting in Wildflower Meadow, Grand Teton National Park,
Cow Moose Encounter and Resting Magpie, Driggs, Idaho
Jousting Bull Moose Under Dromedary, Wasatch Mountains, Utah
 Wild Horses fighting for dominance over the Herd. Pony Express
" Seal Meditation", Resting Weddell seal, Antarctic Peninsula.
Adelie Penguins amongst the Icebergs, Antarctic Peninsula
Mother and Baby Elephant in search of better grazing, Masai Mara
Caiman rests in Golden Light, Pantanal, Brazil.
 Mother and Curious Baby Koala on Blue Gum Eucalyptus Tree, Kang
"Momentary King of the Cliff" Alaskan Brown Bear on Kodiak Islan
"Whimsical Intimacy" Brown Bear Shaking off Water, Kodiak, Alask
"Monochrome Plunge" Black and White B&W photograph of Alaskan Br
Black Bear (Ursus americanus) holds a huge Chum Salmon, Tongass
Fulfilled Family of Polar Bears has just fed on Bowhead Whale ,
Competing  Bighorn rams  on Whiskey Mountain, Wyoming
Young Bighorn Sheep in a snowstorm, near Flaming Gorge,Utah
Newborn Gosling on Mother  Goose's back : Protection and Parenti
" Adelie Penguin March", Antarctic Peninsula
Backlit Male Sage Grouse strutting at lek at dawn, Parker Mounta
A Bohemian Waxwing perched on a branch & feeding on Mountain Ash
"Monarch Monochrome", Monarch Butterfly Mixed Media of Orange an
"Tundra Wanderer": Barren Ground Caribou on colorful  fall tundr
Mountain Lion standing on cliff, Montana
Leopard in tree at Sunset, Lake Nakuru National Park,Kenya
"Leopard Refuge" Leopard takes refuge under tree during storm. M
"Fireweed Hunter", Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis) in fireweed,
"Lupus Howl": Solo Wolf howls on  Ridge, Montana
Solo Dall Ram on Ridge, Denali National Park, Alaska
"Finding Higher Ground" Dall sheep (Ovis dalli) on rocky peak, D
Mule Deer Fawn Hidden in the Grass, Wasatch mountains, Utah
"Heart Mountain Kinship" : Four Horses in front of Heart Mountai
Grazing Bull Moose Eye to Eye with Photographer, Alta, Wasatch M
"Peacock Party," Indian Peacock displaying its plumage.
Three Mule Deer Bucks in Albion Basin with peak wildflowers, Alt
Alaskan Brown Bears Play Fighting, Katmai National Park, Alaska
Majestic Bull Moose Portrait, Albion Basin, Alta, Utah
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