Bonanza Flats Fundraiser and Fine Art Photography Exhibit

It was wonderful that so many people turned out to my most recent photography exhibit on behalf of the Bonanza Flats purchase. In my 30 years of involvement with planning in the Wasatch Mountains, I have never seen 10 environmental organizations pool their resources on behalf of a common cause. Through selling numerous of my fine art prints & books, we were able to make a sizable donation to go towards the purchase of Bonanza Flats.

Bonanza Flats is a high altitude meadow that sits between Guardsman Pass and Empire Pass outside of Park City, Utah. It will hopefully remain wildlife habitat with multiple recreation uses for many years to come. Because of a huge community effort, there will be public access to two lakes. Unfortunately this all comes at a cost, currently Bonanza Flats is valued at $38,000,000. Through grassroots community efforts 35 million of this has already been accounted for. Only 3 more million is needed to protect one of the few remaining high altitude meadows in the Wasatch Mountains.

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