Wild Horses on the Pony Express Trail

It was wonderful to photograph these wild horses on Pony Express Road.  Wildlife photography is most enjoyable when animals have no fear of people.  This usually happens in national parks and wildlife refuges. Evidently these horses haven’t been rounded up or harassed very much. I started photographing with long lenses. 

These stallions fighting were a pleasant surprise at the end of the day. The best wildlife photography seems to take place within seconds before it is over.

The cutest newborn pony was curious about my partner Patti. She was having so much fun, but I had to warn her about this pony knocking over her tripod or taking a bite out of her camera.

I had to switch to a wide angle lens when they allowed me to get up close and personal. The mother seemed to be very proud of her foal. This was the most photogenic group I saw all day.

 This was the last photo from the day. I look forward to going out there to camp soon so I can spend a full day with the herd.